"Yesterday I went on a drive with the San Diego Jaguar Club. All E types cancelled out due to heat. I naively showed up and was part of a mostly new car caravan on a 100 mile (round trip) twisting, UPHILL road in the mountains west of SD. Temperature hit 110 and I spent more time watching the water temperature gauge than the road. Never exceeded 85 degrees, hovered just above 70. The car drove flawlessly calming my nerves.

Needless to say there was no shortage of Jag “experts”, local judges, etype owners and restorers. Had me open the bonnet and looked through everything even checking how clean my oil was and even unscrewing the cap on top of the carbs, not sure what he was looking for. All extremely impressed with the car cosmetically and mechanically. Guy driving behind me was surprised of the lack of expected dark exhaust fumes.They took tons of photos of my car.

Sorry for the long email, but wanted to share and thank you and Pat."

- Dr. Ed


"Dear Joe Ritz and colleagues at SCcarcenter, This is to tell you that I drove the ’36 Ford Phaeton proudly home to Ahwatukee and got there no problem. I stopped to top off the gas tank near home and a guy at the gas station came over to chat about the car and asked me to take some pictures of him and it with his phone. It ’s a pleasure to own and drive, and I thank you for your superb work on it and the wonderful care you took of it while it was there. It is now running strong, starts right up, all things work (the odometer, speedometer, gas gauge, oil pressure, temperature, lights, etc. etc.). I know that the work on the gas tank was difficult…and just finding a 6 volt bulb for a 1930s Trippe foglight is an impressive achievement that took extraordinary research effort. I’ve been the steward of this collectible car treasure for 25 years now and have had several accomplished collectible car specialists work on it, but henceforward I’ll be recommending you. Thanks so much and best wishes for the coming 2018 new year."

- Lee B. Croft


"Wanted to thank S&CCC again for the work on my Jaguar XKE. Done well, done as promised. Nice to have the feeling of confidence in the work by people that really care."

- Bill FitzHarris


"As a car chick who knows her stuff and a Saab owner, I love the way Joe treats me. He doesn't pander and he doesn't presume that I'm some ditzy woman who comes in for minor things. He listens carefully and treats me respectfully. Moving to the Phoenix area without knowing a soul and having a somewhat-finicky European import and no budget for stealership prices on repairs, Joe & Pat Ritz have been a Godsend for us. Their shop rate is reasonable, their personnel are professional, and I don't mind the drive to Tempe because I know our car is getting good care."

- Sue T.


"I will never take my car anywhere else! Recently, I took my 1989 Saab 900 to Sports & Collector Car Center to have some work done, Joe was very knowledgeable,fair priced and the personal customer attention I received, sets these guys apart from the rest. Thanks SCCC!"

- Lance


"I am glad I went to Sports & Collector Car Center for a second opinion on my transmission. The dealer said it needed a complete replacement, but Joe's shop made the correct diagnosis and saved me a ton of money. Now it's nice and quiet and shifts smoothly."

- Tim


"What really distinguishes Joe and Pat is how and why they do what they do. They do it from their hearts -no hidden agendas. Just good old fashion customer service . . . they are very good at what they do. They fix broken cars extremely well and tackle tough problems. They reach out for guidance and include the customer in troubleshooting. They approach problems as a challenge and an opportunity to put a smile on their customer’s face."

- Frank Picarello


"Joe, if my memory is correct you and your brother checked out Sherry’s Mercedes 450SL in 1987 when she first purchased it. So I guess its only right that you got to say goodbye to it.. and got it sold for us in a tough market some 22 years later. We would like to thank you for your patience and persistence in the past year with this assignment. You have always been a good friend to Sherry and I and that will continue even though the car has found a new home. Thanks Joe"

- Rick & Sherry Robertson


"Joe, thank you so much for your assistance with the family van. I am very grateful!"

- Lariana


"It seems like I have been a customer of almost every repair shop in the Valley….both dealer and independent. Over the years, I have owned something from almost every manufacturer, yet I’ve never landed on repair facility that I ever wanted to return to.Until I was referred to Joe and Pat Ritz’s shop by a long-time friend in early 2008.The thing that always amazes me is that these guys can work on anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old Healey, a ’77 Olds Toronado, ’69 Pontiac Gran Prix SJ, a GT40, 911, or an XJS. Pat and the guys do them all….even Saabs and Volvos…..Further, these are not “yank and replace” techs. They are very conscientious about understanding why something went wrong before throwing a bunch of new parts at the problem. I personally observed Pat analyze/debug the door locking logic of my 2000 ML430 and conclude that an unknown (to most owners) switch on the rear hatch was causing “locks cycling” that wouldn’t end. He gave me a choice….disconnect the broken switch that no one can see or use….or spend $150 bucks to replace it. This was a typical crappy Mercedes design where plastic components and women slamming doors do not get along. Also note….Pat spoke with me at length about all this. When was the last time your tech sought you out and wanted to talk with you about the problem? No way….you always get the service “advisor” whose technical expertise often compares favorably with a high school auto shop student. And there are never options….just buy the new part and pay the ….gasp… prevailing labor rate. Recently the Sport and Collector Car Center replaced the front steering rack in my Jaguar. 250 miles later it was leaking. If there ever was an opportunity for me to be disappointed, it was how Joe might decide to handle this…because it is expensive. Turns out that the rack itself was defective and was covered under warranty. But the labor to pull out the old unit/install the new one, and the fluid, were not. To my great satisfaction, the entire job was completed at no cost to me. Now, that’s customer service you rarely find today. So, if you looking for knowledgeable technicians and quality automotive service with direct access to the principals, the SCCC is your place. There are no granite counters or polished floors and coffee appears to be available only on Thursdays, but you’ll never go any where else."

- John Tate