Do The Math Mondays #7

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Lately, we have all heard the television and radio ads promoting “price matching”. It appears that many companies nowadays, can save you anywhere from 5 – 10% off the lowest advertised price you can find, no matter what that price may be. Sounds pretty amazing.

What we don’t hear is companies offering “value matching”.

We here at Sports & Collector Car Center, although ever mindful of price, strive to promote and deliver value. Just like the quick lube stores, we want to change your oil & filter and top off all your fluids. But what we also do is tell you why your fluids are low and what it takes to correct the real problem. Like the popular tire retailers, we would love to replace your worn out tires. But unlike the tire retailers, we go one step further and are able to address steering, suspension and alignment issues that might be affecting/causing premature tire wear.

At the end of the day, price is very important, but it’s second only to value. Do the math.

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