Do The Math Mondays #6

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In this current economy, we are all paying close attention to numbers. We at Sports & Collector Car Center look at numbers different than most. When most companies are not hiring or are laying people off, we on the other hand have added to our staff.

Recently, I have experienced a decline in customer service and a reduction in inventories from several of our vendors. I’ve been told this is due to the slow economy and that they need to scale back expenses. Our thoughts are that now, more than ever, we need to maximize our customer service and take the best possible care of our clients.

So the first number that we are dealing with this “Do the Math Monday” is 1. This 1 represents the addition of our newest employee, Tyler. He is available to shuttle customers to their home or office, pick up and deliver vehicles, keep the shop looking sharp and chase after needed parts to help us repair & service our customers cars expeditiously.

The second number is 110. We are focused on delivering to our clients 110%, rather than scaling back. At the end of the day, we all win with numbers like these.

Just do the math.

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