Do The Math Mondays #5

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Our lives are filled with numbers.  Phone numbers, account numbers, PIN numbers and many more.  These are all extremely necessary, but rather boring.
Well here are a list of numbers that mean something, not only to us here at Sports & Collector Car Center, but to several discerning car owners, as well as a host of British car fans and enthusiasts:


March 13, 2011 (The date of this years all British car show / Phoenix, AZ)
1st place – 1961 Morgan Roadster
Owned by Scott Morrisson, a Sports & Collector Car Center client

1st place – 1967 Classic Mini
Owned by Tom Innes, a Sports & Collector Car Center client  and a founding member and cup holder of our Thursday morning think tank

1st place – 1959 AC Ace
Also owned by Tom Innes

2nd place – 1968 Morgan Plus 4
Owned by Ron Blair, a Sports & Collector Car Center regular

We enjoyed a day of British cars and accolades, as the cars we are fortunate enough to be involved with, proved to be crowd favorites.  Spending a day with friends, displaying their cars, showcasing our expertise and craftmanship. Now these are some great and meaningful numbers for all to enjoy.  Do the math.

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