Do The Math Mondays #2

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It todays economy, we are all constantly searching for ways to save money or at least be more cost conscious, in our daily lives.  As fuel costs escalate we are tempted to use the least expensive gas in our vehicles.   Some manufacturers suggest or require the use of premium fuels in their vehicles.

Firstly,  if the label inside your gas door reads “Premium Fuel Only”, its for real.  Many cars systems can react adversley to anything other than high octane fuel.   For the good of your vehicle and ultimately the good of your wallet, follow the directions on the label.

At the end of the day, the average cost difference for standard fuel and premium fuel is about 10 cents a gallon.  On a standard car, with somewhere beteween a 15 and 20 gallon tank, this represents a cost of somewhere between a $1.50 and $2.00 per fill up (less than the price of a Venti coffee @ Starbucks).   In the long run, you are saving money when you use the correct fuel for your car or truck.   A small price to pay to avoid future mechanical problems and added maintenance costs.   Do the Math

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