Do The Math Mondays #1

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We’ve all heard the commercials and read the advertisements for a complete 4 wheel brake job on your car for $99.00.  After many years of being in the business I have yet to understand how any professional, reputable repair facility (or any facility for that matter) can offer someone a “complete” 4 wheel brake job, including machining drums and rotors, repacking bearings and bleeding the brake hydraulics for $99.00.

I made an inquiry to my suppliers who informed me that overall, the price of a quality set of brake pads ranges from roughly $35.00 to $109.00.  Per the top recognized mechanical labor guides, the alloted times for a 4 wheel brake job ranges from 4 to 6 hours.  My research shows the average shop mechanical hourly rate ranges from $90.00 to $148.00 per hour.  There are the numbers and they don’t add up.

Somewhere, somehow, something is being compromised.  Possibly the quality of the parts, the competency of the technician, or shortcuts in the process.  Whatever it is, we are talking about your car (usually the second greatest expenditure most people make) and more importantly, you and your family’s safety.  Properly functioning brakes are critical in the daily operation of our vehicles.

At the end of the day, these numbers vary based on year, make and model of vehicle, as well as where you choose to have your automotive services performed.  But taking all of these factors into consideration, none of them add up to $99.00.  Do the math.

At Sports & Collector Car Center, we would rather earn your business and your trust with the use of quality parts, professional technicians and attention to detail, rather than trick you with false promises and unreal estimates.

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