What types of vehicles do you work on?

We work on a wide variety of cars and SUV’s. Because of how long we have been servicing vehicles and because we are constantly updating our technicians training and our technical information and data we are unique in our ability to service both early classic models, as well as the latest models just coming off their factory warranties. We are fortunate to have the staff and equipment to handle new and old alike, as well as domestic and import. All of the vehicles we service receive the same care and attention which assures our clients value, and trouble free vehicle ownership.


Are you open on weekends?

No, but we will do whatever it takes to accommodate our clients schedules, we have available pick up and delivery, shuttle service to home or office, rides to the airport, and an agreement with a local rental car agency for a very attractive daily rental rate.


Do you guarantee your repairs?

Yes, if we supply the parts used, our repairs are guaranteed 12 mos. 12,000 miles parts & labor.


Who is older, Pat or Joe?

Despite his more youthful appearance, Pat is in fact the older brother by 11 months.